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Benel is the exclusive distributor of the following Archery brands:

Brands Made in Products
Mathews USA Bows and Accessories
Martin USA Bows and Accessories
PSE USA Bows and Accessories
HOYT USA Bows and Accessories
Win & Win Korea Bows and Accessories
Flex Fletch USA Arrow Vanes and Accessories
Spin Wing USA Arrow Vanes and Accessories
Sureloc USA Compound and Recurve Sights, Scopes and Accessories for Target and Hunting
Carter USA Finger and Wrist Release aids
Tru Ball USA Finger and Wrist Release aids
Scotts USA Finger and Wrist Release aids
Beiter Germany Nocks, Centralizers (Stabilizers), Klicker, Scopes and Accessories, wing holders and Tri-liners, Plungers and other Archery Accessories
Doinker USA Stabilizers and other Accessories
Easton USA Arrow Shafts in Aluminum or Carbon and Shafts Accessoires
Cartel Korea Bows and complete line of Archery Accessories
Benel Philippines Bow Tuning Equipments
OTHERS   Bows, Bow Parts and Archery Accessories


Benel carries an extensive range of Archery products and equipment across most major international Archery brands. Products that you can purchase from Benel include:
  • Compound Bows
  • Recurve Bows
  • Arrows and arrow components
  • Archery accessories
  • Other Archery necessities and bow tuning equipments